Fee Schedule 


In compliance with an Illinois State statute, there is a $10 surcharge added to every real estate related document recorded in all Recorder's offices in Illinois.
Affected are those documents executed or signed on or after August 1, 2005.
Exempt are: public utility easements, documents from a State agency, unit of local government, Federal government or School District.
Effective December 1, 2015
1 thru 4 pages (front and back are 2 pages) $51.25
Each additional page $1.00
Each additional page in excess of 120 sq. inches $1.00
Instruments referred to by document # only $1.00
Each additional document reference $1.00

Assignment of Mortgage

One assignment $51.25
Each additional document reference (in 1st assignment) $1.00
Each additional mortgage assigned within 1st mortgage $7.00
Assignment of Rent $51.25

Financing Statements (UCC)

Fixture filings (New) $46.50
Fixture filings (Continuations, Amendments & Assignments) $46.50
Fixture filings (Terminations) $22.00
Existing UCC's (Terminations) $13.75
Searches (copies $.50 per sheet) $15.00

 Federal Liens

Each $11.00
Each additional name $1.00
Each additional page after 2 $1.00

Plats of Survey

Each $38.00

Plats (Subdivisions & Condos)

Each (Original mylar and 2 copies required) $78.00

Non-standard Documents

1 thru 4 pages $63.25
Each additional page $2.00
Certified Copy $12.00
Each additional page after 4 $1.00