21314 State Route 9
Box 158
Tremont, IL 61568-9252

First: Get your pet vaccinated against rabies at your veterinary office. Contact your veterinarian for an appointment for a rabies vaccine.
Second: Simply mail two copies of the rabies certificate to:

Tazewell County Animal Control
PO Box 158
Tremont, IL 61568

Include the appropriate fee (check or money order) or stop by the shelter to purchase your tag. Local laws require the registration – so don’t forget to get your tag!
Rabies Registration Tag Fees: Spayed/Neutered Pets Unaltered Pets
One Year $12 $22
Three Year* $28 $50
* You must have received a 3 year rabies vaccination in order to purchase a 3 year registration tag.
**Senior citizens (over 55 years old) will receive a $1.00 discount with proper ID (copy of ID/drivers license).
***Late fees:
If paid before 30 days no late fees apply.
If paid within 31-60 days add a $5.00 late fee.
If paid within 61-90 days add a $10.00 late fee.

Protect Your Pet with A Rabies Tag
A lost pet with a rabies tag can find its way home and animals wearing rabies tags receive veterinary care if sick or injured. Protect your pet with a rabies tag!
"Click Here" if you need to let Tazewell County Animal Control know that your pet has been recently vaccinated, has died, gone missing or been given away/sold (but you got an overdue card or Notice To Appear in the mail)?

Shelter hours are 8-4 Monday -Friday . We are closed weekends & holidays.